A copy of the application form is enclosed here-in. The eligible applicants will be called far the interview. The following certificates/documents are to be produced at the time of interview.

        •  The SSLC examination marks card (Original + 2 copies)
        •  Original Transfer Certificate from the institution last attended.
        •  Original Conduct Certificate from the Institution last attended.
        •  Study Certificate for a minimum of 10 years study in Karnataka-State for Karnataka Students (form enclosed).
        •  Eligibility Certificate (For non-Karnataka Students only, to be furnished at a later date)
        •  Photographs of candidates (2 passport size + I stamp size)


        The Institution aims at maintaining very high standard of discipline in the campus. Ragging is strictlyprohibited. Students are bound to observe the general regulation and other rules of discipline framed by the authority. In particular their attention is drawn to thefollowing :

        • Students attending classes and other gatherings within the campus are expected to be neatly dressed. While attending the practicals and workshops they must wear laboratory uniform.
        • Every student should possess an identity card which should be produced whenever asked for.
        • Punctuatity-and regular attendance is insisted upon, Absence from the college examination is not tolerated. A minimum of 75% attendance in each subject is required to appear for the semester examination.
        • Those who depend on public conveyance to come to the institution should leave their home early enough to avoid peak hour delay and be at the college in time.
        •  Irregularity in attendance, insubordination, habitual inattention, neglect of work, obscenity in word or act are punishable by permanent, temporary suspension or permanent dismissal
        • Using alcohol in the college premises is strictly prohibited.

        • Students should not join any club or society that may interfere with their regular studies. They should mot fake pari in political agitation directed against the authority or the Government.
        • .Attendance at classes and examination, progress as well as the conduct of the students will be taken into consideration while recommending students for merit certificates, concessions, scholarships, free ships, higher studies and employment.